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Are there really such things as buy now pay later catalogs with instant credit approval.  The quick answer is "yes." There are mail order shopping catalogs that offer a buy now pay later instant credit program.  Usually, you can get approved for the purchase of merchandise under $100.  After your initial purchase, depending on how well you pay back the credit extended to you, your credit limit will gradually increase.









Is There a Difference Between Online Catalogs and Mail Order Catalogs

In terms of getting instant credit without a credit check, yes.  You can get instant credit through online catalog merchants such as SeventhAvenue, Montgomery Ward or Fingerhut but you have to submit to a credit check.  Although the credit check criterion for these easy credit online catalogs is not as rigid as getting a major credit card, it is still a credit check. There are many reasons why you may not want to submit to a credit check and if that's the case, then it's best to get the instant credit from these shopping catalogs through the mail.  Here's the process:

  • Go to the online catalog website and request a free catalog.  
  • Submit your order via mail order for $100 or less
  • Fill in the information they ask for 
  • Wait for your products to arrive
  • Pay your credit on time

You will begin getting monthly statements.  As long as you pay them back on time, you will gradually get a credit increase over time. You will also begin to get pre-approved offers in the mail for more buy now pay later catalogs. The credit then IS instant because it is pre-approved. 


You can see a list of buy now pay later catalogs on our main page, Everything About Buy Now Pay Later You Need To Know! You can read up on them, as we have reviewed each one, and see which catalogs you want to have mailed to you. Press here to take you back to our home page. If done correctly, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to now start using buy now pay later catalogs to do your home shopping.  I've done this for at least 2 decades now, and I can tell you, these catalogs have just about everything in them. 






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